WhatsApp's Road to 1 Billion Users & $19 Billion Exit

Discover the fascinating journey of WhatsApp to 1 billion users and its $19 billion exit. Learn from Jan Koum's interview and gain valuable insights into its success story.


Jan Koum, the Ukrainian-American internet inventor and computer programmer, has significantly impacted the tech world with his creation of WhatsApp. As the CEO and co-founder of this revolutionary mobile messaging application, Koum's entrepreneurial journey reached new heights when Facebook Inc. acquired WhatsApp for a staggering USD $19 billion in 2014.

In his interview with Alex Fishman at Startup Grind Global 2017 in Silicon Valley, Koum sheds light on WhatsApp's incredible journey to 1 billion users and its unprecedented $19 billion exit. This captivating conversation offers valuable insights into the success story of WhatsApp and the vision behind its groundbreaking achievements.

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