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How to Scale a Startup

Learn from industry powerhouses Aaron Levie and Steven Sinofsky as they share valuable insights on scaling a startup.


In a highly anticipated fireside chat, Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box, shares his insights on how to scale a startup. Interviewed by the esteemed Steven Sinofsky, a respected technologist and business leader, this session promises to be a goldmine of knowledge for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sinofsky, known for his illustrious career at Microsoft, where he oversaw the development of major releases of Microsoft Office and played a pivotal role in creating Windows Services, brings his wealth of experience and expertise to the conversation.

With Levie's proven track record of successfully scaling Box, a leading cloud content management and file-sharing service, this fireside chat will surely provide valuable insights and strategies for startups looking to navigate the challenges of growth and expansion. Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation to shed light on the secrets of scaling a startup from two industry powerhouses.

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