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A Launchpad for Tech Visionaries: How .tech Domains Elevated Startups at the Startup Grind Global Conference

Discover how .tech domains empowered tech startups at Startup Grind Global Conference 2024, showcasing innovative solutions and securing vital connections for growth and success.

In a crowded tech space, gaining visibility and support is crucial for startups. A few innovative startups at Startup Grind Global Conference 2024, focused on solving real tech problems and poised for growth, found that a .tech domain significantly helps achieve this.

As a sponsor, .tech Domains provided eight startups with booths at the conference, each valued at nearly $2500. This initiative played a crucial role in spotlighting these cutting-edge startups that use .tech domains for their websites, offering them a vital platform to showcase their solutions to potential investors, partners, and a diverse audience of industry peers and potential customers.

The benefits of participating in such a high-calibre event are manifold. It provides startups with invaluable exposure and the chance to receive real-time feedback from industry veterans and fellow innovators. The engagement goes beyond traditional investor meetings, facilitating interactions with future customers and like-minded professionals, fostering a rich feedback and collaboration ecosystem.

Featured at the event were startups like: Rexalto, a pioneer in the transportation sector, utilizes AI-driven dynamic pricing models to reshape how vehicle rental companies optimize profitability. Founded with the mission to enhance transportation experiences globally, Rexalto showcased its cutting-edge solutions at the conference. They mentioned that "the conference was a great opportunity to meet potential investors and even find a few potential customers," has carved a niche in improving organizational cultures through its proprietary AI tool, AIMetricTracker™, which provides real-time insights into workplace dynamics. This startup helps companies foster more positive environments, crucial for employee satisfaction and retention. 

Zyrian Chung, the Co-founder and CEO of L10 added that “exhibiting at the Startup Grind Global Conference was a game-changer for our company. The quality of attendees, speakers, and organisers was exceptional. We had meaningful conversations with potential investors, partners, and customers”. ClassX is reshaping the educational landscape using AI to create more effective and engaging learning experiences. Their range of AI-powered tools, such as XTutors and project helpers, support both students and educators. focuses on STEAM education, providing interactive, technology-driven learning experiences. Their courses and workshops are designed to be hands-on, making complex subjects approachable and fun. GRVTY Technologies is dedicated to developing solutions that tackle real-world problems using AI and machine learning. "We met great people and the content was great! This was just the beginning of a series of important conversations and business opportunities," said a spokesperson from GRVTY, emphasizing the conference's role in fostering significant industry connections. offers a comprehensive platform that aids seniors in managing their living situations more independently. Their solutions focus on making downsizing and home safety assessments easier, which is critical for ageing in peace. is known for its innovative approach to sports and e-sports event management using AI and machine learning. At the conference, they presented their tools that facilitate community engagement and efficient event organization. 

Additionally, startups using .tech domains receive ongoing support through podcasts and billboard features, offering continuous visibility and investor engagement. These efforts demonstrate their dedication to fostering startups and ensuring their long-term success.

Some of the most innovative startups using .tech domains have collectively raised over $5 billion in funding. More than those on any other new Top-Level Domain. This staggering figure highlights the thriving community and the substantial impact of choosing the right domain name for your tech startup.

Using a .tech domain for your startup is more than an operational decision; it's a strategic move that places your startup within a vibrant community of global innovators. This association brings with it unparalleled opportunities, including the chance to pitch directly to star VC Jason Calacanis. Don't miss out on the opportunity to feature on his podcast, get his unfiltered feedback, and bag potential funding.

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