Top 17 AI Startups Exhibiting at Global 2023

Explore 17 cutting-edge startups at the Global Conference Startup Exhibition and witness the future of innovation using AI.

Artificial intelligence is transforming how we live and work, and the potential for innovation in this field is limitless. As the world becomes more data-driven and interconnected, AI startups are poised to disrupt industries and revolutionize how we interact with technology.

This year's Global Conference Startup Exhibition is proud to showcase some of the most promising AI startups worldwide, whose cutting-edge technologies push the boundaries of what's possible. From natural language processing to computer vision and beyond, these companies are leveraging the power of AI to solve some of the world's most pressing problems and improve our everyday lives.

Below, you can look closely at the top 17 AI startups exhibiting live in Silicon Valley on April 11–12th. You can still secure your spot here if you haven't got your tickets yet., United States

Cyberfilm builds and sells SaaS tools for filmmakers powered by Generative AI like GPT and DALL-E. They make tools for the next generation of creatives powered by AI and Big Data from Hollywood.


YesPlz, United States

YesPlz makes search and discovery easy for eCommerce businesses. They connect tagging data to pre-built product filters, enhanced site search, and product recommendations so any eCommerce business can easily access highly accurate searches and recommendations. Their machine learning is highly optimized to automate deep product tagging, which used to be done manually by retailers. No more paying 3–4 times to separate vendors and getting stuck managing different software integrations. Instead, eCommerce businesses can access the latest product discovery solutions powered by AI at 1/4 the cost.


R3A Group Limited (CL1CK)China

CL1CK helps e-commerce websites pick the best discount to offer visitors and ensure that visitors get a discount that will make them most likely to buy something. It's tough for e-commerce stores to compete, get people to buy stuff, and keep them returning. That's where they come in by using data to figure out which discounts will work best for shoppers. With CL1CK's AI, e-commerce websites can give alternating discounts that actually work and quickly assess how well they're contributing to revenue.


AI Writer Technologies FZ-LLCUnited Arab Emirates

AI-Writer generates accurate and unique article drafts just from a headline. Through this, you can get quality content at lightning speed with the most precise algorithm trained on hundreds of thousands of source articles., Italy

It is a generative AI SaaS Platform that offers automated content creation tools to support any business's daily content needs. This solution covers the content workflow, from ideation to creation to transformation. Their strategy strongly relies on specializing in minor languages with their own data sets for high-quality fine-tuning.


OTIS AI, United States

Otis AI is the ultimate paid ad and media buying platform in a box for startups and SMBs, integrating with first-party data to facilitate data-driven targeting and attribution. Their digital marketing app would eliminate some of the pain points business owners encounter when trying to run their campaigns or work with a marketing agency., China is an AI-generative digital collectables platform for digital marketing and gaming. Launched in Oct 2021, it now has customers across industries, including top-tier banks, NASDAQ-listed tech companies, galleries, and many more.

Convofind, United States

Convofind uses AI/ML to connect you on-demand with the best possible person when you want to discuss anything. They are creating a more seamless conversational experience, using AI to connect you with the right people when you have a topic, thought, question, or need you want to discuss.

Ace (Yoda Coach Inc.), United States

Ace analyzes working data from GitLab, Slack, Jira, etc., to empower 1M engineering managers with actionable insights to drive performance, motivation, and growth of 50M developers. You can get an agenda for 1:1 meetings, mentors, courses, goals, and feedback recommendations. They empower managers and developers to achieve extraordinary results by eliminating bias and unlocking developers' potential.

Expand AI Pvt Ltd., India

Expand AI has built machine learning software that can programmatically label your data accurately in hours instead of weeks with economical pricing. Their automated data labelling solution is domain-specific and can generate labels that are>95% accurate. Their mission is to make the training phase of the machine learning lifecycle smoother by programmatically generating highly accurate labels in hours at a low price.

Analytics2Go, United States

Analytics2Go offers an end-to-end AI platform for enterprise-level companies and SMBs. They use AI to optimize demand prediction and price optimization for online retail, CPG, and wholesale distributor companies. They have also solved the challenge of managing data streams to feed real-time AI solutions with our automated data orchestration solution, Felix.

Selecton Technologies Inc., United States



Selecton Technologies is a Generative AI startup developing technologies to enhance human decision-making and buying experiences. Our core tech includes customized LLMs, proprietary unique RL models, and human understanding tech. It is the first AI-based personal assistant to find а perfect purchasing solution for any customer situation.

EQUITY X LTD., United Kingdom

EQUITY-X® helps individual equity traders better predict upward or downward trends in the short term and find signals faster; share price is likely to increase (decrease) when cash flows increase (decrease) in the medium and long term. It offers daily executive summaries and historical fundamental analysis data.

Lincode Labs, United States

Lincode has developed a unique computer vision-based solution that detects QA issues at higher accuracy rates and lower costs than major competitors. The Secret? A proprietary model incorporates AI to detect manufacturing defects of less than 2 microns at 120 FPS, ML to predict machine downtime, and AI and ML to predict the likelihood of future product defects. The solution is deployable with essential camera equipment in open environments and is operable within a month of engagement., United States — Simple & Powerful Edge AI apps & Analytics. Industry-first, data-centric, data-driven AI/ML and Deep learning applications are on the edge in hours, not days or months. Accelerating AI deployment, deployment, prediction, and resolution at blazing speed benefits you from real-time processing, insights, and actions. Saving time and costs.

One Connect Solutions, United States

One Connect solutions helps organizations get insights from free-flowing text and data without hiring data engineers or data scientists. They enable our customers to adopt AI ML and get business value quickly.

Quasi Robotics, United States

Quasi Robotics is helping humans alleviate all boring, repetitive, and dangerous tasks through robots. Driven by their passion for technology and instinct for innovation, they aim to bring intelligent, safe, reliable machines to every business in the world.

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